5 Days of No T.V….Can she survive?!

ImageIt sounds like a tagline for another bad reality tv show, right? Well, this week I have decided to take on the challenge. I have noticed recently just how much time is wasted sitting in front of the television. I have become one of those girls I despise in that I became a fan of this season’s Bachelor. I know, don’t judge. I don’t feel good about it either. The worst part is that it is on for TWO hours and some weeks it airs two episodes. I’m ashamed.

So yesterday, after evaluating all of the work I needed to get done this week, I came to the rather obvious conclusion that I might actually accomplish it all without the loud box on. So that is what I am doing. I am proud to say that I did not watch last night’s Bachelor (although I admit I did look up online who he kicked off..baby steps here, people).

Those two hours I would have spent tuned into my tv set to watch what is most likely a staged reality show, I spent catching up with my mom on the phone and even face timed with my brother. It got me wondering what else I could accomplish this week? For one, this post probably wouldn’t be written this early as I most likely would be watching Live with Kelly right now. So this is progress!

I dare anyone else to shut off the t.v. Even if it is just for one day. The effects are pretty amazing and kind of addicting. I have gotten use to the quiet and knowing that reality shows won’t be a temptation this week, pulling me away from my work.

I will keep you posted on how it works out! Have a great one 🙂


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