Achievement of a perfect moment


Ever have that moment in life when you stop and think, “Things aren’t all that bad?” It happens in an instant. A flash of peace and contentment pierces through you. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have these moments as often as we’d like and when they do occur, they pass quicker than they arose

I had one of these moments this morning and it got me thinking how I could get more of them. I went for a run down to Lake Michigan and though it was particularly cold and gloomy for a Spring morning, I could see the sun slowly trying to peak through the clouds. For some reason, I instantly compared it to happiness trying to peak its way through a string of negative thoughts. The past 24 hours have been filled with anxious, somewhat lonesome thoughts for reasons I won’t bore you with now. If there was ever a time I needed to find that perfect moment, now was it.

On my way back home, I walked past a pond. It’s nestled back in some woods and is particularly peaceful. I felt compelled to just stand there and observe. As I stood there looking out on the water, the most beautiful bird touched down just a few feet next to me. Then, a second one accompanied him (or her I suppose). I watched as they peacefully rested there looking out onto the water and the Chicago skyline.

To make this moment even better, a song came onto my Pandora that I had never heard. It was called “Let her go” by the British band, Passenger. If I could have written a song myself to express how I felt in that moment, I’m pretty sure that would be it. It was the perfect touch to a perfect moment. (I highly recommend taking a listen)

This moment was simple. It wasn’t particularly exciting. But it brought calm and clarity to my life. I can’t help but wonder how much more at peace I would be overall if I could accumulate more of these moments. I don’t think these moments can be planned out. I think they find you when you aren’t even looking for them. The only thing we can do is be open to them and ready to invite them in when they find us.


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