My Mind, Body, and Soul Revelation

ImageSo I went and got inspired and decided to tweak my blog to reflect this.

These past few weeks have made me increasingly aware that happiness is more than having a straight mind. Ironically, I sort of stumbled upon this revelation by accident.

For whatever reason, I have been on a health food kick lately. I began eating mostly whole foods and felt so much healthier and energized that I started thinking of other ways to attain this good feeling.

I began working out more consistently, switching up my workout routine. I ran along Lake Michigan and started a yoga class. Once again, I was feeling so good that I wanted to keep it going.

Then, it dawned on me that I could reach a higher level of happiness by nourishing not only my mind, but also my body and soul. This is by no means a new revelation I have stumbled upon. But I guess I had to experience the benefits of it before buying into it.

This idea of nourishing mind, body, and soul has really opened me up more to life. I find myself more open to new experiences that I know will leave me feeling good about myself. I welcome all positivity.

This “good feeling” feels almost like a drug. I want to find it wherever I can and as often as I can.

The best part is, unlike seeking the pleasurable, short-lived feeling found in alcohol, relationships, or money, I feel I am attaining this feeling through bettering myself.

It is like a double reward: I am feeling good in the moment and making long-lasting  benefits to my mind, body, and soul.

So this trinity will now be the focus of my life and this blog. I hope that through my experience, I can help others strengthen their minds, bodies, and souls.

What could be better?!


Epiphany on my yoga mat

ImageAn interesting thing happened this morning as I was sitting quietly on my yoga mat trying to slow down the chaos that is my brain. It seems as though the morning and night time are when my thoughts decide to go into overdrive. So, I have been trying to spend atleast 5 minutes every morning, sitting quietly before diving into the day. As usual, this morning I was having a difficult time not focusing on the research paper I need to finish today or the many blog ideas that keep popping up. I was trying to not focus on all this as well as tune out the construction guys across the street who are loudly drilling holes in the road when it occurred to me, this moment is all I have right now. This minute, this second is it. I have zero control over what happens 30 seconds from now because it is in the future. How much happier, not to mention more productive, would I be if I focused on the very moment that I am living in rather than the next 2,000 moments? This seems like such an obvious conclusion to come to, but how many of us are really mindful of this fact in our daily lives? As someone who suffers with occasional (make that very occasional) anxiety, worrying about future events that have yet to occur is a habit I am all too familiar with. No matter how much I worry, plan, control and prepare for the moments ahead, I am still in the present moment. What if we simply just did our best in the present and hoped it would benefit our future? Isn’t that really all we can do? Do our best in the present and hope for the best in the future? Again, this seems like an obvious aha! moment but actually being aware of this, could eliminate a great deal of our daily anxieties and suffering.