Where’s the drive?

disciplineLike everyone else, I sometimes lack self discipline, dedication, determination, commitment, the list goes on. I occasionally think how different my life would be if I had more of these qualities. If I was more dedicated to being a well known writer, would I be one by now?

I am particularly reminded of these qualities, or lack there of, on the mornings that I work out with my personal trainer. My gym takes $180 out of my account every month for one half hour session a week. I used to think the great thing about having a trainer would be to have someone next to you giving direction and encouragement. I thought their job was more work. I was wrong. I am quite possibly the weakest person on the planet and after learning from my chiropractor that it could possibly lead to issues down the road, I decided to get myself trainer and get committed. Getting a trainer was easy; the commitment part I am still working on. Because we only meet once a week, it is my responsibility to motivate myself the other 6 days of the week. I continue to think how badly I want to get into a routine where I go in every morning, as if this is a goal that simply cannot be attained. When will I realize that I COULD get my butt to the gym everyday if I just DO IT? It seems like a such a far fetched concept and this is most likely attributed to my inner motivator being extremely lazy. If I could get committed, everything will fall into place. Finding that self-discipline and determination is the first (and hardest) step.

This is just one example of many of areas of my life I wish to improve with a little self discipline. My writing is another area where I wish I were more committed. Failure is definitely one roadblock that is holding me back. I keep waiting for it to go away so that I can have the confidence to do this right. The truth is, a combination of confidence, commitment, and discipline is all that is needed to take that first step to attaining any goal. Once you have those, you feel empowered and motivated to get off that couch.

We are often the ones standing in the way of what we really want. If we are so great at NOT achieving goals and pursuing our dreams, imagine how great we might actually be if we try it. You may fall flat on your face and fail but at least you are on the right path. You are one step closer to the goal and one step further from the couch.