Apples to Oranges


I spent some time browsing some of the millions of blogs out in cyberspace and must say, it was a bit discouraging. How do people know how to make such professional looking blogs?! Was there a class I didn’t get a memo about? I was pretty proud I was able to whip up Wake up to Java, but now I am feeling like an amateur! On top of the visual aspects, I discovered some people with incredibly interesting things to write about. World travelers, published writers, you name it. Every blog had an interesting person behind it. How can I become one of those?

It is so frustrating to feel like you are “not enough.” Feeling inadequate is such a debilitating emotion. It often feels like the life has been sucked right out of you and that you should not even bother, because there are people out there who are better than you. I have learned though that these self doubts are simply a way of my innate voice telling me I need to be more confident in my own abilities. The more confident and self-assured you feel in what you are doing, the less concerned you will be with the abilities of people around you.

Do not compare yourself to others. It never ends well. You will never feel like you match up. It is a losing battle. Treat yourself better than that. Focus inward. Work towards being the best version of yourself, because you may be surprised by the outcome. Remember, comparing one human to another really is the equivalent to comparing apples to oranges. And who on this Earth is qualified to say whether the one is better than the other?