Well am I walking with a purpose?Cause I

Well am I walking with a purpose?

Cause I feel the same

And as I wait for my dreams to surface

As I wait, I’m drowning in the rain

  -Sean Fornier

I heard these lyrics on Pandora this afternoon and they instantly resonated. They are from a song from Sean Fornier entitled, “Goodbye.”

It got me thinking how each one of us has a life’s purpose but why do some have theirs figured out more than others?

How I see it, we should all have an equal purpose and be equally satisfied with it. Well, too bad life is not that fair.

What separates those who are living their purpose from those who are not? Is it luck? Were they just drawn a better hand?

I do not have the answer fully figured out but I think a lot of it has to do with vision.

The clearer one’s vision of what they want and what they need to do to feel fulfilled, the more likely the chance of not only discovering that purpose but also serving it.

We run around searching for fulfillment and satisfaction without a clue of what that may look like.

Maybe instead of running through life like headless chickens, we should stop to figure out what would make all of the running more meaningful.


Steps to align our external world with our internal voice


imageDo your actions reflect what is going on inside of you?

You want to lose weight, but you dine at McDonald’s.

You want to spend less time at the office and more time with your kids, but yet your day planner consists of endless corporate meetings.

Here is a personal example: I absolutely hate feeling hungover. My body has never responded well to alcohol, even if it’s just a drink or two. I despise waking up the next morning tired, achy, and with zero energy.

But yet, more weekends than not, I find myself enjoying a couple glasses of wine, completely ignoring that voice of reason that is reminding me of my poor decision.

Human beings are a highly intelligent species but yet our mode of thinking often suggests otherwise.

So many things that overwhelm and stress us out, believe it or not, are within our control.

I could choose not to drink alcohol and it would rid of my hangover problem. It is that simple!

So how do we make our actions reflect our internal desires?

First, make clear what your internal wants and needs are. Make a list. Write out that you want to lose weight or start working out. Start out with just one or two of your top priorities so that you do not overwhelm yourself.

Second, make a list of what your life would look like if it reflected these goals. For example, if your life reflected your desire for weight loss, maybe your refrigerator would be stocked full of fruits and vegetable. Perhaps, you would go on evening walks. Envision which external actions would reflect your internal goals.

Lastly, after you have made clear what your internal desires are and what they look like on the outside, make a plan. Keeping with the example of weight loss, plan a trip to the grocery store with a healthy grocery list in hand. Make arrangements with a friend to begin walking a couple nights a week.

It can be helpful to find a buddy with similar goals to help hold you accountable but if you can’t, then hold yourself accountable.

Humans have much more willpower and self-control than we give ourselves credit for. The hardest part is tapping into it. Be commitment. Experiment and find what works for you. If you are visual, write out lists. If you need reminders to keep you committed, put up post-its around your house and in your car.

Happiness is increased when our outer world reflects our inner thoughts. When everything is aligned, there is peace. Make a commitment to seeking this peace, followed by a commitment to the steps necessary for getting there.