The Mindfulness Movie

Paul Harrison has an incredible new documentary coming out called, The Mindfulness Movie. I am helping him spread the word, as I have found mindfulness to be an extremely helpful practice in my own life. The following is an article I wrote to help promote the film. Enjoy!

We in a fast paced world; there is no question about it. People walk quickly, drive at illegal speeds and perhaps most damaging, think at an outrageous rate. If a song played every time a thought entered your brain, imagine how much noise you would be resonating. Personally, I would be a walking mariachi band. Since graduating college and moving from my safe, comfortable childhood home in Ohio to the big, uncertain city of Chicago, anxiety has become a constant battle of mine. Perhaps the entrance into adulthood and all of the responsibilities it brings triggered it, or maybe it was moving away from friends and family, but nevertheless, anxiety found a home in my brain and quickly settled in. For almost three years now, I have tried everything from therapists to self-help books to medication. They have all helped in their own way, but by far the most calming and easily accessible tool to help calm the chatter has been practicing mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the act of living in the present moment, focusing on your thoughts and emotions at a distance rather than judging and labeling them. At any particular moment, you are simply nothing more than present. You are not the water bill you keep thinking needs to be paid or the job deadline you have no idea how you are going to meet. It is impossible much more difficult to hear all of that noise while in this state of peace and serenity Perhaps one of the biggest perks of practicing mindfulness is that it can be done anywhere. You can practice on your long commute to work or while waiting for the Starbucks barista to make your morning latte. Unlike so many other tools and methods I have tried over the years, mindfulness requires no prescription and is free of charge. That alone makes it worthy of trying.

In his new documentary, The Mindfulness Movie, author, Paul Harrison, has created a two-part series to not only encourage people to use mindfulness in their everyday lives but also includes a training program in which viewers are trained by an unprecedented group of 35 world-renowned experts in the fields of neuroscience, psychiatry, relationships, sports, psychology, and quantum physics from around the globe, as well as major bestselling authors. In addition, it includes testimonials from a random group of participants in the program.

For more information on the film and how you can contribute, go to and click on the Indiegogo button to help.